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Business activities
Duna House Holding is Central-Eastern Europe's largest real estate agency holding. It is present in the region’s 4 countries -Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Italy - with the strategic goal to further strengthen its regional role.


It operates Hungary’s and Poland’s key property and loan brokerage networks, carrying out primarily the sales of newly built and used residential property, as well as the letting out and brokerage of commercial real estate.

Its portfolio in Hungary includes Duna House - 15 years’ presence on the market-, and the newly launched Smart Ingatlan (Property) brands, as well as its sub-brands. In Prague, it also operates an office under Duna House brand name, in addition to which it owns Metrohouse network in Poland. 


Within its international portfolio the Holding operates 30 self-owned offices altogether, out of which 18 serve clients under the name Duna House, 4 under Smart Ingatlan, and 8 as Metrohouse.

The Company is planning the launch of additional Smart Ingatlan branches in the years to come, primarily in Budapest and its neighboring area.


The Holding offers a wide range of financial products both in Hungary and Poland, primarily related to the sale or purchase of residential properties, and supported by long term agency agreements with leading credit institutions, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

Within the framework of this operational model (country specific) property loans, home-savings and insurance products are available on one place.  


The company group also provides several further non-financial supplementary services. For examples, with the help of independent partners it prepares energetic certificates and real estate evaluation for financial institutions and for other market participants. For clients intending to rent their properties, it provides real estate management under the Home Management brand. In 2015, it started the Impact Alapkezelő, the funding activity of which makes professional residential investments easily available for retail and corporate investors.  


By its real estate agent activity, the company group has a direct view onto the real estate market demand and supply, which it wants to make use of for own investments. The real estate investment division purchases mainly residential properties for the long run and with investment purposes.


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