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Consumer Finance and Real Estate Solutions
The publicly traded Duna House Holding Plc. - founded in 1998 - holds a leading position in providing consumer finance and real estate solutions in Central Eastern Europe with operations in Hungary, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic. We engage in loan brokerage transactions amounting to 2 bn EUR annually and participates in 14 thousand real estate transactions yearly. Since the IPO in 2016, the Group’s clean core revenue has surged by 6.3 times reaching HUF 30 billion in 2022, while the EBITDA has multiplied by 5.1 times, amounting HUF 4.4 billion in 2022.
Operating under our international Credipass brand, we act as an intermediary between residential and SME clients and the leading credit institutions, insurance companies and other financial institutions in Hungary, Italy and Poland.
By combining real estate brokerage with financial intermediary, we provide clients with a seamless, one-stop solution during their real estate journey. 


The Group brokers personal loan, mortgage, and insurance products to residential and SME clients under the Credipass brand. It is supported by long term agency agreements with leading credit institutions, insurance companies and other financial institutions in Hungary, Italy and Poland.

This way, it can be guaranteed that the best financial intermediary service is always provided by offering customers alternatives and tailor-made solutions. As a result of our approach and market excellence, the intermediated loan volume has been growing exponentially since 2018, with the expectation to surpass 2bn EUR in 2024.


The Group offers comprehensive real estate brokerage to residential clientele through its franchise and own networks. The activity is conducted under the Duna House brand in Hungary and the Czech Republic and under the Metrohouse brand in Poland. 


Duna House Group also offers clients additional services, including fund and property management, valuations, energy certificates, and other digital services. By providing comprehensive support throughout the client’s real estate journey, the Group enhances the customer experience while diversifying its services.


Given its financial and real estate brokerage activities, the Group has a direct view onto the market’s demand and supply, which it leverages for its own investments. The Group engaged in residential development projects when occasional windows of opportunity were opened.


As a leading, defining, and guiding consumer finance and real estate service provider, Duna House Group places strong emphasis on the active practice of corporate social responsibility with special focus on supporting future generations. In recent years, the Group provided support to several social institutions and organisations as a contributor for initiatives directed towards sustainability and addressing social needs. 


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