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With real estate brokerage and real estate transaction related additional services the Holding provides comprehensive services to its clients, thus, supports the entire sales process and we can serve our clients on more areas of the property market. The Holding is planning to exploit its expertise in the field of residential property investments, and has -in addition to its own property investments-  established Hungary’s first public, open-end residential property asset management fund.

The activities of Duna House Group cover five segments: franchise, self-owned real estate agnecy management, financial product brokerage, real estate investments, sales of real estate related services.


Franchise and self-owned agency management 

The Company has begun to build up the franchise business unit in 2003. As a result of the continuous development, as of May 2017 the Company had more than 90 independent franchise partners under the brand names Duna House and SMART Ingatlan operating a total of 156 agencies (with 21 are the Group’s self-owned agencies).

On April 21th, the Holding completed the acquisition of Poland’s biggest real estate and loan brokerage network, Metrohouse, expanding its portfolio with an additional 80 (including 7 self-owned) offices in addittion to which On September 2, 2016 gained majority ownership of shares in Duna House s.r.o in the Czech Republic, by which the Holding became the owner of all the members of its network in the region.


Financial product brokerage

With the aim to provide the most comprehensive service to customers, the Group offers a wide range of financial products under multiple agency contracts with banks and insurance companies, primarily related to the sales of residential properties including home equity loans, home savings accounts and insurance products available in one place. The Group loan activity in 2014 has reached a market share of approx. 7.3% of total new home loan volume in Hungary.


Related services

As a part of the diversification of the activity range and next to the brokerage of financial products, Duna House offers a variety of other related services as well, mainly related to real estate sales. Duna House performs energy certification services in collaboration with independent partners, and provides real estate appraisal services for financial institutions real estate funds and other market players. In addition, under the Home Management brand the Group carries out property management services as well. 


The Company - taking advantage of its expertise on the real estate market – is regularly purchasing properties for investment purposes. In the current favorable market environment, the Holding intends to give higher priority to real estate investment activities. The application process in relation of the property asset management fund established by the Company was closed on April 3, 2016, and the sales of investment shares has been taking place since August 15. 

The Holding’s priority strategic goal in relation of the near future is the introduction of the business activity on foreign markets, targeting Central-Europe in the beginning, primarily via acquisitions.


The Holding's professional contribution has been recognized several times in the past 15 years. Our most values prizes include: Hungarian Franchise Association’s „Franchise Network of the Year” (2010), „Internet Media and Web Award” (2012), "Innovative Franchise Network of the Year"(2013, 2015), "Franchise network of the Year in Market Expansion Abroad" (2016), Hungarian Real Estate Association’s „Innovation Award” (2008, 2009, and 2011), „Real Estate Agency of the Year” Award (since 2007, 2020).

* based on both spontaneous and aided brand awareness, February 2016, population age group: 18-59, representaitve survey carried out by NRC.

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