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Board of directors



Gay Dymschiz

Gay Dymschiz is the co-founder, managing director and later member of the executive of the Duna House company group operating since 1998.

He graduated from the Tel-Aviv University in legal studies and obtained an LL.B. degree. Following he worked for the Gissin & Keset lawyer’s office first as a lawyer-candidate later as a lawyer. Here he became an expert on the fusions and buy-outs, voting trusts and investment agreements, on the monetary and capital markets.

He founded the Duna House company group together with Doron Dymschiz in 1998, where he is a member of the executive. He was born in Germany, he lives in Budapest with his wife and his two children.


Doron Dymschiz

Founded Duna House Holding in 1998 with Gay Dymschiz, where he currently acts as a Board of Directors Member. The Holding at present operates the largest real estate agency network in Eastern-Central-Europe with its nearly 240 branches in 3 countries, with a revenue reaching HUF 5 Billion in 2017.

In addition to franchise network operation, Duna House is also active in the fields of own branch operation, financial products and other real estate market related services, as well as property investment and residential property development projects in the region.

The Holding's Impact Asset Management Alapkezelő Plc. has established Hungary's very first open end residential property investment fund. Doron Dymschiz was born in Germany, currently lives in Budapest with his family, wife and three children.


Ferenc Máté

Ferenc Máté graduated from the Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration (MSc.) In 2005 he obtained an international auditor qualification (ACCA, from 2011 FCCA), from 2009 onward he is a Hungarian chartered accountant.

From 2001–2003, he worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a senior associate  From 2003 he was financial manager of the Promix company group dealing with marketing, commerce and real estate development. From 2006 onward he worked as operation manager. In 2008 he founded a private consultation company dealing with monitoring accountancy, business planning and investment consultation. Duna House Holding has been among his most important partners, with him acting as managing director of more subsuduaries since 2009, and where he was appointed deputy CEO in June 2016.

From 2015 he is a member of the executive and the financial manager of the Duna House Holding Ltd. In line with his appointment as CEO of Duna House Holding Plc. in2016, he took over the operative leadership over the Holding's brands. He is a father of four children.


Jenő Nagy Dr

After graduating in Chemistry at the Eötvös Loránd University, Dr. Jenő Nagy completed his doctoral dissertation in 1995 at Queen’s University in Canada. He then went on to acquire EFFAS and CFA financial analyst diplomas. He started his career as a marketing and investment analyst at NN Insurance, going on to become equity portfolio manager at the ING group’s fund management arm. From 2011, he undertook responsibility for the assets managed by the group as Investment Director. He continued his career at Accorde Alapkezelő Zrt. as Portfolio Manager and has been supporting the Group’s endeavours as a member of the Duna House Holding Nyrt. Board of Directors since 2018.


Dániel Schilling

Dániel Schilling graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest in 2008, after which he worked in Barcelona in the post-merger integration team of Zurich Financial Services AG for a year and a half. Starting in 2009, he worked for Concorde Corporate Finance on international and domestic acquisitions and capital market transactions. Starting from October 2017, he first led the Company’s investor relations and m&a areas and then, from August 2018 continued his activities as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer. He has been a member of Duna House Holding Nyrt.’s Board of Directors since April 2019. Daniel has been awarded the CFO of the Year in 2020.


Members of the Audit and Supervisory Boards


Károly Redling

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Károly Redling graduated as economist, certified public accountant but has also got a postgraduate legal degree in economics. During his studies he spent a year as an apprentice in the Italian centre of the American Express Company and later pursued postgraduate studies in Milano.
In recent years he has been managing the Corporate Business Development Department of Erste Bank, previously he was director of the Municipality Department of the Bank. Earlier he held manager positions at Centrál Csoport, K&H Bank, Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank, Inter Európa Bank and EMFESZ Kft., where he obtained experience in corporate finance, in coordination of the operation of subsidiaries, client acquisition, portfolio management, exploration and financing of municipality acquisition opportunities.
He makes use of his more than 20 year-experience in finance and business at FŐGÁZ Zrt., where he is deputy CEO and he is also responsible for the Financial and Procurement Management, the Information Technology and Facility Management and the Controlling Department.   

György Martin Hajdu Dr

György Martin Hajdu Dr has a more than 25-year professional experience, is a recognized financial expert. He worked in the banking sector for 12 years. First he worked for BNK‐KH‐Dresdner Bank in structured financing, later as corporate financial advisor at MeesPierson Euramerica, then as senior partner at Concorde Group. He played a leading role in several major national stock exchange introduction, buy-out and venture capital investment transactions. 
At present he is a freelance, he does corporate and management coaching, besides he is a sought after financial consultant. He is honorary docent of Corvinus University of Budapest, where he teaches applied company evaluation for graduate students. He graduated from the Marx Károly University of Economics in 1987 and during 1987‐88 he studied finance in Oxford with a Soros grant and became a PhD in 1993. He lives in Budapest with his family.

Kálmán Nagy

Kálmán Nagy graduated from the Budapest University of Economics in 1993. Since 1996 he has been working for  Concorde and Concorde MB Partners as a transaction advisor, and is currently a Managing Partner of CMBP. During his career he was involved in a number of IPOs, M&A and capital raising campaigns. 
He is a member of the Issuers' Committee and the Exchange Advisory Board of the Budapest Stock Exchange and a member of the Board of Directors of Hold Fund Management Ltd.


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