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Corporate Social Responsibility

We can help and we love doing it


Duna House Group, as the market leading, defining and guiding real estate mediator, has a special responsibility and exemplary behaviour not only for customers, operators and employees, but also for its wider environment. Thus, in recent years Duna House effected a number of supports, or joined to organisations as a contributor, which supports are directed to sustainability and help social needs.


Some happy examples:

Partnering DH branches

In May 2017 Duna House Franchise network launched another team, with the enthusiastic participants from five branches, who joined their forces for the greater good. Colleagues from the Bécsi street, Gogol street, József krt and Nagy Lajos Király street offices partnered to renovate the laryngology ward of the  I. Department of Pediatrics of Semmelweis University. 


Another repainted area, this time on the internal medicine and neurology ward

Another ward has been renewed on the I. Department of Pediatrics of Semmelweis University – this time the internal medicine and neurology ward became a more pleasant area with the help of our colleagues. Nearly 50 volunteers from the Thököly str Duna House branch spent three days to make the ward for the recovering children a better and more pleasant place. 


Duna House in action

Four months have passed, and Duna House and Hungarian Red Cross organized another successful blood donation day. The Holding's HQ in Budapest opened its gates to the donating network members and their families, who were also able to join this time. 


Serving future generations

Duna House Holding places strong emphasis on the active practice of corporate social responsibility, with special focus on supporting future generations.
This time, the team of our own office, REIF 2000 Kft. has united for a Good Cause. One hundred and twenty hands, and two days of hard work lead to the renovation of the Intensive Therapy Ward of the I. Pediatric Clinic, Semmelweis University, where ill children can again be treated in a friendly and neat environment.


Charity hospital redecorating

Colleagues at Duna House Holding have repainted several doctor’s offices in the I. Clinic of Paediatrics of Semmelweis University (nearly 1600 square m) within enthusiastic team work.  Majority of employees were volunteers, guided by a professional painter. Duna House provided paints and other necessary tools.


End-of-Year Donation

Diabetes Department of I. Clinic of Paediatrics of Semmelweis University has been renovated as a donation of Duna House Holding. Following repainting, new floors, cooling system, new waiting rooms and a colleagues’ kitchen is serving the Clinic’s patients and healers.



Blood Donation Day at Duna House HQ

Over fifty volunteers have reached out their arms to donate blood at the Duna House HQ within the even organized with the help of the Hungarian Red Cross.  Due to the success of the event, there shall be a “Give blood and save three lives” call every six months in the future.


Santa Claus Crew

For several years, Metrohouse has been participating in Santa Claus Crew project. As Christmas is coming, agents from Warsaw collect toys, sweets and stationery, and deliver it to the Santa Claus Crew. The project is organized by the students of a private high school in Warsaw. All donations are passed on to children from poor families by students dressed as Santa Clause. 


The Noble Box project

The Noble Box project was established in 2001 with the aim to provide aid to struggling families during Christmas holidays. The Noble Box project reaches out to families living in difficult financial situation for various reasons. The mission of the project is efficient assistance which offers a chance for change. Generally, the assistance is provided to individuals: the lonely, the poor, the elderly, the disabled. Metrohouse offices have been taken part in the project for three years. 



DH donated computers

In January 2016, Duna House Holding has offered monitors and computers valuing hundred thousands of HUF to „Bókay Gyermekklinikáért Közhasznú Alapítvány” – Charity Foundation for the Bokay Child Clinic, whose aim is the support of the everyday work in the Child Clinic. The donation was taken over by Dr. Attila Szabó, president of the Foundation.




Voluntary painting of a hospital for Children

Busy work and pleasant atmosphere - These words characterized the Duna House volunteer day in spring of year 2015, when the walls of two departments in St. John's Hospital have been decorated with nice and beautiful drawings.



Blood donation

In 2014 in the framework of action "Give blood and save three lives" organised by the Hungarian Red Cross, Duna House Management organized blood donation, exploiting the opportunity of the nationwide network. The very successful event will be organised every year.



We also picked up!

The 'TeSzedd!' ('Pick it up!")
 Voluntary action is today the largest volunteer movement in Hungary for the clean Hungary. Duna House Team has also helped in cleaning many streets, squares and parks in all over the country in years 2013 and 2014.



Santa's Factory Support 

Duna House Company Group was Santa's Factory partner in 2013 and 2014. Beside the financial support, Duna House provided donation pick-up points nationwide in 120 different sites in both years, as well as a small Duna House team visited Santa's Factory Centre and beside a lot of offers, the team helped the volunteer work there.



Great success in waste paper collection for children

Chocolate Paper collecting action had a great success in 2013! Duna House offices have collected thousands of chocolate wrap up for the nest for Fészek Child Protection Association; the association changed the paper to money to help the children living there.



Donations for children

Christmas should be calm and intimate for everybody, and therefore Duna House Company Group decided to collect donations for children again for Christmas in 2010.
 Duna House Facebook followers could determine the amount of the donation for children of Fészek Child Protection Association; they had just like Duna House Facebook page.



Shoebox collection action

In 2013, Duna House Zalaegerszeg joined shoebox collection organized by Hungarian BabtistAid which is organised from year to year.

Duna House has taken sides with Foundation for Senior Support

Foundation for Senior Support a developer and operator of nearly 100 retirement homes’ websites free of charge.

Foundation for Senior Support, within the framework of its free services, gives adequate and sufficient information for those in the process of making the “Big Decision” of leaving their homes behind and starting a new life!


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